Two Shooters for Double the Fun!

Most weddings can always make use of two wedding photographers Hampshire. There are just too many things that you shouldn’t ignore abwedding photographers Hampshireout having more than one shooter for the special occasion.

You basically reap more benefits than what you pay for the extra hand. And that extra hand can do so much, such as filling the gap that a single person cannot do. Working alone was never the best way to do things anyway if you want to get things done professionally.

Check out the stuff that you definitely don’t want to miss from having two shooters on your wedding!

You won’t miss a thing

The wedding day is a very special day where you want to be sure that everything will proceed accordingly and that you’ll leave the party with one amazing book filled with gorgeous pictures. Obviously, you want those pictures to not just a bunch of party pictures but also to show the story of the day and how it looked like.

That one day is going to be one blurry day as things seem to go on so fast! You have to get ready early in the morning, have breakfast and go through the ceremony. There were tears and kisses, but overall, you couldn’t remember who’s the guy that whistled so loud when you kissed your partner!

Reception party

And then you’ll have to rush to the reception party and make sure that all the preparations are in place. Check the souvenirs, the band, and the decoration. Everything’s good! You leave a few words to your photographer and leave to get ready to greet the guests.

If you had two wedding photographers Hampshire like you’re making sure that your photographer is making use of his precious time! Because you expect the photographer to be attentive enough to snap enough pictures of the guests that come but also to snap pictures on the party’s look as guests are filling up the hall.

Group pictures

And then, there are the group pictures. Some people will still remain in the hall while others go out to have formal pictures taken. Your photographer will have to spend some time taking these pictures before being able to continue to work in the hall.

You’ll be missing a lot of things that is going on in the hall! Friends don’t stop having fun just because you’re around and you don’t know the kind of crazy pictures your photographer could’ve gotten. A second shooter will fit right in here.

More pictures to keep

You won’t just get more of the same pictures. Two photographers mean that they have different perspectives and stand from different positions in capturing things. You get a lot of variety in a single moment, not just from one standpoint.

There’s no way that two photographers have a similar way of seeing things. Having one more guy will surely add to the variety of pictures you can choose to be included in the album. They will also help you keep more memories of the day. Truly, hiring two capable wedding photographers Hampshire will give you more than you can expect.

Defining Professional Jacksonville FL Wedding Photography Service

jacksonville fl wedding photographyWhen you’re asked the kind of Jacksonville FL wedding photography that you want, perhaps, it’s going to be hard to answer that. But, I’m sure that you will not answer something like this:

“Just anyone is fine. I just need someone to take some pictures of me.”

The fact that we are all rejected this answer means that ‘just anyone’ is not fine. We want someone skilled, perhaps a professional, to do the job. We want to be sure that our wedding pictures will be retouched by, if not the best, someone who is very capable to deliver a non-disappointing job.

These are several things that define the kind of professional wedding photographer you’d want to see to attend and take pictures of your wedding.

Never fall into the trap of budget photographer

You’ve probably tried looking for a professional that is also within a cheap price range. It’s very tempting, of course, when you see someone who shows you amazing portfolios and tell you that shooting your wedding that beautiful is very possible!

Now, I’m not trying to tell you that he’s lying, but can you see the catch here? While many others are competing with each other in skill, this person is willing to drop his prices just to get you to hire him! That’s a danger alarm that he is not a professional but rather focuses on getting people to hire him.

Professionals do so much more than just taking pictures. That should help you to realize that dropping their prices is not a way to show professionalism.

Someone who does photography for a living

It’s not rare to see that a couple finally let themselves become a victim of a ‘friendly photography’ that does the job for free. Well, we cannot blame them, really, when the catch is free wedding pictures. They’d imagine that they’d get gorgeous pictures from their Jacksonville FL wedding photography like what you can see in

In the end, these couples wished they could turn back the time. The pictures that their friends did for free simply don’t cut it; saving all those money is not worth the crappy pictures they got! While your friend or uncle is probably also an enthusiast in photography, know that wedding photography is more complicated than that.

Doing more than what is asked

We often think that there are things that our photographers obviously won’t do even if they could because that’s not what they’re paid for. But, be surprised that that’s not the case with professionals. They do as much as they can for their clients, part of it to increase their value, but part of it also to really make sure that your wedding will proceed as planned.

There’s a fact that in order to promote their work, they cannot mention a wedding that faced so many problems. That’s a legit reason for photographers to help, but don’t you think that their reason won’t matter as long as the fact that they did more than asked is true? To top it off, they won’t ask you extra charges for the things they do outside the agreement of the Jacksonville FL wedding photographer.

Things To Always Get Ready During a Baby Photoshoot

baby photoshootFor parents, having a little one to take care of might be scary at first but the feeling that comes from having a little one dependent on you is unparalleled. As the child grows, the little moments you share with them, the cute smiles, precious laughs all begin to dwindle as they become more self-dependent. Although there is no way to stop the growth process of a baby, there is one thing you can do and that is capture those moments to freeze them in time.

Therefore, one thing every parent should try doing so as to never lose memories of when their children were little is to have a baby photoshoot. Now, for a first timer a photoshoot might be something you are not used to so take a look below at what to prepare:


You can have a consultation with a professional photographer on the type of pictures you want to get taken and the background you want to use. However, the responsibility of getting clothes for the baby photoshoot falls on the parents. Depending on the diversity of the pictures and the number of shots you want taken come prepared with at least a set of 5 change of clothes. Doing this puts you on the safe side especially if your baby soils one.


Before a photoshoot, make sure you get your baby fed. Hungry babies can cause a ruckus and this can eat into the amount of time the photographer has set aside for the shoot. Also, feeding them prior to the shoot gets them in a good mood as their tummies are already full and they would be more willing to engage in the shots.

As a precaution, also prepare a bottle to take along with you to the shoot for convenience sake since babies are also known for their unpredictable nature. Your child can get hungry at anytime and you do not want a crying baby at a photoshoot.


A well-rested baby gives way to an active baby. Before heading to the baby photoshoot, make sure your baby has had a nap or adequate rest so that they do not feel grumpy or restless during the shoot. You want your baby to be in a good mood and partake as much as possible in making the pictures beautiful so ensure they get adequate rest.

Do not schedule a shoot for your child around their nap time as this can be courting disaster.


For most babies, being in a strange environment will take some getting used to. To make them feel more secure in a new setting, the best thing to do would be to have them be surrounded by familiar things. What is more familiar to a baby than the toys they play with? Therefore, when heading for a shoot, make sure your child’s favorite toys are already packed and ready to go with you.

Also, having the toys present at the photoshoot can be convenient as they can serve as props to get beautiful pictures.