A Career in Commercial Photography

ccommercial photographyManage the expectations of your clients

The very first thing that you will need to do before agreeing to a commercial photography project is to make sure that you sit down with the clients and really discuss everything down to the very last details. Above everything else, you need to be pretty much on the same plane with regards to what your clients are expecting from you.

Experienced commercial photographers listen intently to what clients have to say and list things down as much as possible so that you can circle back and ask any questions that you might need some clarifications with or so that you can explain things to them from your side of the coin. You need to manage their expectations in such a way wherein you will not hear anything from them any time after your service rendered with regards to some terms left unmet, and so on and so forth. Things like these can be quite harmful to your business and can be in the way of you getter more clients in the future so you should tackle this issue above everything else, right from the very start.

Ask what the intended use is for the images

You need to find out whether your images will be used for something fairly low key like a newspaper print ad or for a national billboard that can span across cities. You will need to acquaint yourself with things such as usage rights and license rights. The price that comes with the commercial photography service usually highly depends on what the intended use is for the images in the long run. This is something that you will need to figure out right at the beginning of the agreement, way before you are able to hammer out a contract.

Quote your prices rationally

And speaking of prices, again, we go back to the aspect of where the images will be used, how they will be used, and what kind of client base is being targeted at some point or so. Quote your prices by considering the number of hours you put in, how much effort you will be investing in it, whether you will need to travel for it or not, what kind of overheads you will  have to deal with, and so on and so forth. You need to quote your price in such a way wherein you will be able to bring in a fairly lucrative margin of profit but not too high wherein you may be turning away a potential customer. It is a delicate balance to have to deal with but is something that you can achieve with a good amount of research and hard work.

Sign off with your clients during the photo shoot

It is always best to have the clients on board during the photo shoot sessions for your commercial photography project. That way, you will be able to sign things off as you go along and you do not have to end up completely rescheduling or redoing entire new sessions because you can get minor details tweaked according to the client’s preferences during the sign offs.