Wedding Photography Chops You Should Have Up Your Sleeve

wedding photography tipsAlways film your photos in RAW format

Serious wedding photography experts will go for nothing but the best and filming in RAW format is something that equates to the best there is out there. The thing with filming in RAW format is the fact that all of the information is still quite complete. The photo is left unchanged and not edited in any way shape or form. It is also way easier to fix photographs that are in RAW format because it has all of the elements of the images still intact. The only down side to this is the fact that it takes up way more memory than the other types of images out there and it also takes a while to load in the photo editing software mainly because of the sheer size of the images. Just remember this all the time and you should be in pretty good hands. The photo quality will be more than superb and your clients deserve nothing but the best.

Step back and review the background

You need to assess the background you are taking the photos in from a more macro point of view. Yu need to make sure that you go for backgrounds that are neat and organized. If you can, by all means, stay away from backgrounds that look unruly or just downright messy. You should also prefer something that has architectural lines or any sort of framing to enclose your photographic subjects in at some point. Look for nice arches, manicured lawns, and so on.

Do not check the photos every time you take them

When you are in the filming mood, try as much as possible to avoid having to check on the images that you take after every other click and start discarding the images you probably do not like at first sight. Wait it out until at least the post shoot process before you are able to start discarding any photos just yet. You will realize that some of the photos that do not strike you as interesting or good looking enough just yet might actually end up being the unique looking ones that stand out from the rest of the other photos out there.

Shoot in continuous mode

Try out your camera’s continuous mode setting when taking photos of people or things in motion. People are always moving around during the wedding. They are animatedly talking to each other, hugging each other, or walking around at some point. Setting up your camera to shoot in continuous mode will take out all of the interesting angles without having to tire yourself out of taking all the frames manually every single time.

Keep the inspirations going by all means

This is a little harder than you would initially think it is. There is so much work that goes into this that there are no words to express how hard it is to be inspired all the time. Go out of your way to drum up some inspiration. Read up on some photography blogs, check out some magazines, and take your camera out with you and practice every day.