Great Things Wedding Photographers Should Do

wedding photography tipsGo around and collect the business cards or contact info of all of the vendors during the wedding proceedings.

This might sound like something that is trivial for you at first but believe it or not, this is something that will benefit you tremendously in the long run. It is highly advised that you have a special notebook or scrapbook at first to catalog all of the business cards that you collect. Categorize them accordingly depending on the type of provider they are.

Wedding planners should go in one group.

Florists should go in another group. Caterers should be categorized separately, and so on and so forth. Over time, you will see that you will actually be able to build up quite the collection one way or the other. You will have quite the collection and this is something that you can definitely tap into as the days go by. A vendors list is also something that you will need to come up with. This is something that you should include at the very bottom of your blog including a live link that will lead back to their website or blog. What is usually customary is for wedding photographers like Seattle wedding photographer to email the vendors letting them know that they have been featured in the blog that you just posted. There is this unspoken rule among wedding industry vendors that if one bestows a favor upon you, you do your best to return the favor. If you go ahead and scratch their back, they will certainly look back and scratch yours as well.

You should not run out of memory nor should you run out of camera batteries.

This is probably one of the most unimaginably unforgivable mistakes out there. This is something that you can very well prepare or pack for so you should do your very best in making sure that this does not happen to you. A camera should have at least two spare camera batteries each and they should be fully charged the moment that you start to cover the wedding event. You should also make sure that you are able to pack for a minimum of 60 GB worth of memory space at least. The last thing you should like to happen would be for you to run out of either of the two in between shooting wedding events. You know deep down that your paying clients deserve something that is so much better than this.

Do not miss the important moment of having to photograph the bride with her family as well as of the groom with his family.

This is probably one of the most important moments ever and should be something that you absolutely should not miss out on. These are one of the most treasured moments in all weddings out there so make sure that you really list this down in the list of must-have shots that you are supposed to take during the wedding. Stick to the list and make sure that you follow through on it at all times.