Does A Wedding Photographer Really Need A Tripod?

tripodA wedding photographer needs a tripod for when he is taking shots where natural light is something that is not readily available. The lack of natural light will make your camera automatically opt for slower shutter speeds. Considerably slower shutter speeds will usually induce involuntary camera shakes that have the tendency of blur the images and this is something that might compromise the quality of the photos that you take. A tripod anchored stably to hold the camera up will ensure that this is something that does not happen or you at least get to minimize the risk drastically and this makes for really excellent looking photos.

Tripods are extremely useful accessories.

They have several uses and can hold several devices and accessories for a wedding photographer who is wise enough to invest in one. Contrary to what people think, tripods can be used way more than just as a base for cameras. They can also be used to hold camcorders for videos. They can be used to hold flash guns. They can serve as light stands. They can be used to hold up reflectors. They can be used to even hold up umbrellas for your cameras during rainy outdoor shoots. The uses are plenty and quite varied and are just hands down a really smart investment for any wedding photographer to be able to make.

Tripods are also great for when you take close up photos or portraits.

You see, when you take close up shots, the slightest and minutest of movements can seriously mess up the composition of an image. Having a tripod set in place will stabilize the camera and will let you be able to focus more on the actual capturing of the images that you would like to take. Every little detail that chances can greatly affect your chances of finding the perfect image.

Tripods will also be able to help you out a lot when it comes to taking photos of people who are in motion.

As you may have known by now, wedding photography involves a lot of movement. People are walking around almost all the time and any minor shake or movement from your end as the wedding photographer will cause unclear and blurry pictures and that is something that you would not want to have if this is something that you are doing professionally.

Tripods are also great when they are paired up with telephoto lenses.

In weddings, a telephoto lens is something that can really help you out a lot when it comes to shots that you have to take while being positioned from afar, such as the altar, for example. Telephoto lenses are extremely challenging and hard to steady so filming my hand is something that you should veer away from as much as you can. The focal length of the telephoto lens intensely magnifies the vibrations caused by the mirror and the shutter and a tripod can really help out a lot when it comes to minimizing it.