Why Wedding Photographers Should Shoot In RAW

wedding photographerWedding photographers in general have long preferred filming images in RAW than in JPEG. There are tons of reasons why behind it but we will bring you some of the most common advantages of shooting in RAW compared to JPEG or compared to any other kind of format available.

  1. You get the highest possible level of quality for your images.

The reason why most wedding photographers will go for shooting images in RAW format over any other kind of format out there is because of the fact that it records all of the information coming from the sensor of the camera. All the details are there and the images are untouched by the camera’s processing so wedding photographers have total control over how the photos turn out. This is a big factor especially if you are looking out for quality above everything else. Technically speaking, all cameras shoot in raw initially before some of them convert it to JPEG through compression and auto editing.

2. There are greater levels of brightness in your photos.

It is quite easy to get caught up in all of the jargon at times but the levels of brightness basically just refer to the number of steps you can take in an image from black to white. The more steps there are required, the smoother the transition turns out to be. And just to give you a more macro view of things, a JPEG image only has 256 levels of brightness whereas a RAW image has anywhere from 4,000+ to 16,000+ levels of brightness. That is an incredibly huge difference.

3. You will be able to easily fix or touch up your photos.

Wedding photographers London constantly have to struggle with the fact that things happen extremely fast during weddings. People move quite fast as well and that can mean over exposed or under exposed images and when it all comes down to it, neither of these two will have your images coming out looking great. The thing with filming your images in RAW is that they still have all of the original information from when they were initially captured because all the data came directly from the camera’s sensor and that means that you can easily fix up any flaws in the images without having to sacrifice the quality.

4. You are given the chance to be able to easily adjust the white balance.

What you may not notice is the fact that when you shoot in JPEG instead of RAW, the white balance is basically automatically applied to the image and you do not really have the option to choose otherwise. You also cannot just go back and get the original details from the images because you cannot. RAW images keep all of the information so you have the liberty to adjust the white balance in the images you capture. It lets you go about with the adjustments way faster and way more convenient compared to when you are shooting in JPEG or in any other format out there.