How Wedding Photographers Should Write Their Blogs

wedding photographyBlogging can be a challenging thing to do for wedding photographers but this is definitely a must-do routine. You may not appreciate the value of a well written blog just yet but you will eventually realize that this is actually one of the most powerful marketing tools that you can ever get your hands on. The best thing about it is the fact that it is something that is at your very fingertips at some point. Although the things that you blog about are usually about weddings that you have previously covered, the blog entries are not intended for your current or previous clients. Of course, you do not have to tell them that but it pays that you know better. The blog platform is basically intended to target future clients. It should be done flawlessly and professionally in such a way that they would want to hire you for your services right then and there.


To start off, you begin with the title, of course. You do not have to do anything fancy with the title. As a matter of fact, what is even encouraged is that you stick to something simple and fairly Spartan when approaching this aspect. The best formula to go with is to put in the first names of the bride and groom, put in the name of the venue, and then put in the actual location. That way, if someone fires us a search for the venue or for the location, they come across your blog post through redirects. Pretty powerful stuff, don’t you agree?


You then move on to the actual body of the blog. Most wedding photographers struggle with this part of the process and usually complain that they are not born writers. Well guess what, nobody was born to be a writer; it is something they learned and trained for (although passion for it brings in a really great bonus). The point is, it is not an impossible skill to learn. You have to learn it at some point so go at it slowly but surely. Even wedding photographer essex went through this before.

Image layout

Then you work on the image layout. Try to mimic how the wedding photography magazines do it. A blog is pretty much just like an online magazine after all. Keep in mind that there are some photos that warrant a full scale post while others are meant to be smaller. Put up about fifteen or more images, just enough for you to be able to show a story from start to finish. Again, it does not have to be anything fancy. The point here is to show your clients that you are capable enough to cover the event beautifully.


Next up, this may mean a little more work than usual but definitely worth it every single time. Go through the motions of tagging all of your images. This is for SEO purposes and this is to make sure that Google will be able to index your images so that when people look up certain things and they match up with your tags, they get redirected to your blog.