5 Tips For Awesome Wedding Photography

wedding photographerGet your gear together and get everything set up right

You need to start off with all of the right kind of gear if you are ever going to have any kind of hopes of launching your wedding photography career professionally. You need to basically start off with two main cameras which you are to use interchangeably. Ideally, they should have two different kinds of lenses mounted so you can seamlessly switch in between cameras if you are looking for a different perspective. The third camera will save you for when something happens to the first two. Someone who is smart with wedding photography should always make sure that there will be something to cover the liabilities by all means.

Arm yourself with the most fundamental of lenses

You basically need to start off with two. There are two options for you to go with here. In theory, you need a telephoto lens and a wide angle lens. However, if you are seriously just starting out and you do not necessarily have the finances to splurge in two of these expensive lenses, then you can temporarily go with a medium zoom lens that will let you do a little bit of what the telephoto lens and wide angle lens are able to do. The telephoto lens lets you zoom in and take close ups without being in the way and without being obtrusive in any way whatsoever because he can take it from a pretty safe distance. A wide angle lens lets you take group photos with a lot of people in it without having to worry if they will all fit in your view angle.

Learn how to network properly

Tap into the social circle of wedding professionals you are able to work on wedding events that you have mutually covered. Networking is one of the most important ways of drumming up some business in the world of wedding photography. Make it a constant practice to introduce yourself and your business to people and in giving them firm handshakes. It also helps if you produce great looking business cards that you can give out to wedding planners, caterers, and florists during the wedding effects that you are covering.

Work on your blog and portfolio

Make sure that they are able to represent you in the best way possible. Your blog should be something that is constantly streamed with high quality content and with tidbits of inspiration. This will give people something to look forward to every time and again and something that can really establish your online presence at some point. You also need to work on your portfolio. This is the photographer’s version for his resume. You should put in the best projects that you have worked on here. This is aimed to impress people.

Work fast and efficiently

Do away with any kind of fickle mindedness. Spending too much time scrutinizing the photos that you took and choosing which ones to go with may end up eating up way more time than you think. Be wise with the way you spend your time and be quick with your decisions. Your first gut feelings about an image are almost always usually right.

Wedding Photography Mistakes You Will Most Likely Make

wedding photography mistakesRAW vs JPEG

Filming in JPEG and not in RAW is one of the common mistakes you should avoid as a wedding photography professional. JPEG is notorious for compressing the images that you take. This usually results to grainy and washed out photos that can at times be bad in quality. If you want to preserve all of the information taken during the actual filming, RAW format is the way to go. Sure, it takes up a way lot more memory space than JPEG does but when you think about it, it delivers crisper and more professional looking photos. It just comes with the territory and the memory space snafu really is a small price to pay for all that quality.

One Camera

Investing in only one camera is also a big no-no. Amateurs usually think that having one high end camera is good enough to make a wedding photography business out of it but that really isn’t the case. In actual wedding event coverage, you need to have all of your ducks in a row and need to have your backup gear in place just so that you are prepared in case something happens. You absolutely cannot give up mid event just because your main camera gave up on you. This can mean an end to a wedding photography career that has barely started just yet and something that you should be able to avoid at all costs.

No Experience

Booking a wedding without any kind of prior experience is another mistake. Experience is a pre-requisite when it comes to wedding photography jobs. Even your clients will ask about it before booking you. If in the off chance, you manage to have someone who wants to hire you still despite the fact that you don’t have any experience, do the right thing and turn the offer down. Get busy and start gaining some experience by covering weddings of friends and family members or even partnering with a more experienced wedding photographer and learn the ropes the hard way. Experience is the best teacher and with good reason. It gives you real world wisdom that cannot really be gained anywhere else.

Not Scouting Venue

Not scouting venues in advance is another blunder newbies usually make. You can’t just show up at an event without knowing the landscape ahead of time. This will lead you scrambling and disoriented and that’s not a good look for any wedding photography professional. Invest time and effort in checking out the venue and do your practice shots before the event itself and you will save yourself the trouble of having people wait on you while you figure out where the best spots would be for the photos.

Filming people despite the fact that they look uncomfortable should not be practiced. People don’t look good when they feel uncomfortable. Talk to them and make them feel at ease before proceeding to take their photos.

Not Networking

Forgetting to network during the actual wedding day event is also another common slip. Weddings are the perfect venues for you to network and grow your business. Talk to people and get your next prospective client!