Why a wedding photographer needs to be passionate

Stir up excitement and interest

Constantly stir up excitement and interest for what you do on a daily basis and make it a point to always check out something that you can appreciate about being a wedding photographer every once in a while. You have to understand that making the decision to go ahead and make the jump towards becoming a professional wedding photographer on a more full time basis is a really huge undertaking. This is not something that you can just decide on off-handedly. This is something that you will really need to search your heart and soul for. Most of the wedding photographers out there are doing this not just so that they will be able to make a living out of it but so that they will be able to go something that they are quite passionate about. When you wake up each day feeling really strongly about what you do and about the kind of service that you are giving out to your clients as a wedding photographer, you will less likely get burned out and get bored somewhere in the process. This means that you will always end up bringing in nothing but the best of the best to all of the wedding gigs that you book and your clients will really get to appreciate you for it.

Set your eyes on the prize

One thing to constantly remind you to always set your eyes on the prize no matter how far along from it you still are as a wedding photographer is to check out the blogs and social media profiles of the other more successful wedding photographers out there. When you follow people who are more successful than you, you get a daily reminder that someday somehow, if you only keep pushing forward despite the trials and the rest of the challenges up ahead, that you will get at that same spot that they are currently basking in. If you are not a well known professional wedding photographer just yet, it is most likely because of the fact that you simply have not put in the right amount of time, effort, and experience in it just yet. You need to really get out there and experience things first hand as a wedding photographer before you get any chance of getting ahead of the competition at some point or so.

Constantly aim to shoot side projects that crank up your creativity one way or the other.

When you shoot your own personal side projects, the only things that limit you as a wedding photographer north west are the limits that you impose on yourself. It is pretty much all systems go when it comes to things like these so dare to go for something outrageous or something that really pushes the limits of what you can do and what you can’t do as a visual artist. You have to understand that creativity can run out quite fast especially when you aren’t doing anything to cultivate it. Don’t let that spark go out and instead, let it grow into a full fledged fame.

Wedding Photography Tactics That Will Help Your Business Grow

wedding photography1. Do not miss any important shots during your wedding photography coverage.

One of the most common fallout points between the bride and groom and the wedding photography expert they hired is the aspect of any missed important shots during the wedding event. This is not the kind of mistake that you can afford to make especially if you are only new to the wedding photography scene and if you are only starting to more or less establish yourself and work on your branding and reputation when it all comes down to it. The bride in particular will not be all that readily willing to forgive you if there are huge windows of missed moments in the coverage of the most important day in her life.

And to be honest, you owe it to your clients to make sure that there are no lapses whatsoever during your wedding photography shoot. What you can do to avoid this would be to meet with the bride and groom ahead of time so that you can go through the list of shots that they think would be extremely important to the shoot. Once everything is said and done, you should be able to walk away with at least thirty items or so on your list. As the official shropshire wedding photographer, follow through on this list like your life depended on it. You can embellish it by adding a few items of your own.

2. Change up your lenses every now and then if you want some variation in the facial expressions.

There will be times during the actual wedding event wherein you will notice the bride and groom as long as the rest of all of the other guests in attendance starting to get bored, or awkward, or just altogether bored and awkward in the pictures that you are taking. A quick fix to something like this would be for you to shift to a different lens, ideally something that will allow you to keep a fairly good amount of distance and still be table to take the photos that you are shooting as if you are right next to the people being filmed. One of the best lenses for this particular kind of job would be a telephoto lens. So the next time that you see people starting to get tired of having the camera shoved all up in their faces all of the time, mount up that telephoto lens and move over to the back of the room and start shooting your images from there.

3. Ask for the names of the groom and of the maid of honor so that you can consult with them during the actual wedding day.

You will need this particular kind of correspondence for when you are covering the actual wedding day. The bride and the groom may not be available to answer any questions that you may have so getting chummy with the maid of honor and best man who are clearly key players in the wedding process will really make things so much easier for you.

How To Improve In Wedding Photography

Wear a comfortable pair of shoeswedding photography tips

A really great pair of shoes can literally take you places. This may be something that can seem a bit ironic in the beginning but when you come to think of it, it makes the most perfect sense. As a professional working the niche in wedding photography, you will be moving around a lot. As a matter of fact, you will be walking around so much, probably so much more than you could ever imagine or expect to do so and when it all comes down to it, your choice of footwear will really get to impact how you will go through with the rest of the coverage. You should be warned well ahead of time that there will be a lot of instances out there wherein you will be tempted to don on that really gorgeous pair of heels one way or the other because of the fact that weddings are formal by nature but that is not the smartest way to go about with it. Your feet will probably kill you all throughout the duration of the wedding that you are trying to cover and more than that, you might even end up being the grumpiest wedding photographer in the history of ever. Save yourself the trouble and make sure that you are able to prepare enough in wearing sensible shoes that are comfortable and stylish all at the same time.

Take out that person who gets in the way early on

Believe it or not, all throughout your career in wedding photography, there will always be that one person out there who will try to undermine you and try to disrupt your wedding photography session one way or the other. This is something that you will need to take care of well ahead of time though because that person can end up disrupting far more photo sessions that you can ever pre-empt. There will be that one annoying relative or friend who will try to get in front of you and try to command the authority over you. Do not let this person run wild. Respectfully tell that person so kindly step aside and let you finish up with your important list of shots first and then he or she can proceed with his or her own photo plans thereafter. One trick that a lot of wedding photographers like wedding photographer Berkshire employ is that in between takes, they usually allow three to five minutes for the guests and other people attending. That way, you do not even have to worry about having them struggle for some time to take photos on their own.

Have an honest talk with the bride and groom

Arrange the meeting with your clients well ahead of time, preferably before you even agree to cover the wedding event. Make sure that you are able to manage expectations and draw out the perimeters of the service that you are providing. Make it a point for you to actually put pen to paper and get things documented so that you have a good enough basis to check out.

How Wedding Photographers Should Conduct Business

wedding photography businessWedding photographers should always work on improving their craft all of the time.

This is an unending and ever progressing pursuit but something that you should commit yourself to if you have any hopes of being a true master of your craft. Research the best photography workshops and courses out there and check out what will best suit you and what is the most compatible for your particular style of photography as well as preferences. This is something that will end up costing you a lot of money so make sure that this is a process that you do not rush at all in any way, shape, or form. Do some serious research and always look at the key points of the things that are being offered.

Research the teacher who will be conducting the course.

What kind of mark has he had in the world of photography? Does he have a successful career like this Orange County Wedding Photographer? What are his techniques and what is his photography style? All of these things factor in one way or the other. Also check out if the schedule is something that might work for you. You will need something that you will be able to work around on.

Get as much experience as you possibly can in the industry.

If you do not find something in the wedding photography niche just yet, do not be picky. At this point in time, you are to consider yourself as a sponge that needs to immerse itself in all of the experience and knowledge. Each and every single leg or branch of photography has something different or unique to offer and that should be something that you should be willing to invest in at some point. Do not be afraid to invest your time and your efforts because those investments are something that will eventually pay off in the long run. It will all be worth it in the end once business starts coming in.

Surround yourself with people who support you and who bring you constant inspiration.

Try to do away with the negativities as much as possible. You are only as good as the people that you surround yourself with so do your best in making sure that you surround yourself with nothing but the very best there is. Your dreams need all of the support.

It would also be wise for you to have a job or some other source of income on the side while you are working on growing your business. Having something else to do other than photography will give you something to while your time away while you are awaiting clients and contracts. You will become less desperate because of the fact that you are not financially dependent on the contracts that you will be bringing in. There will even be times wherein you will be able to get more clients through your job. After all, you have a farther reach in terms of relationships and social circles because there are other people that you are acquainting yourself with on a daily basis.

Great Things Wedding Photographers Should Do

wedding photography tipsGo around and collect the business cards or contact info of all of the vendors during the wedding proceedings.

This might sound like something that is trivial for you at first but believe it or not, this is something that will benefit you tremendously in the long run. It is highly advised that you have a special notebook or scrapbook at first to catalog all of the business cards that you collect. Categorize them accordingly depending on the type of provider they are.

Wedding planners should go in one group.

Florists should go in another group. Caterers should be categorized separately, and so on and so forth. Over time, you will see that you will actually be able to build up quite the collection one way or the other. You will have quite the collection and this is something that you can definitely tap into as the days go by. A vendors list is also something that you will need to come up with. This is something that you should include at the very bottom of your blog including a live link that will lead back to their website or blog. What is usually customary is for wedding photographers like Seattle wedding photographer to email the vendors letting them know that they have been featured in the blog that you just posted. There is this unspoken rule among wedding industry vendors that if one bestows a favor upon you, you do your best to return the favor. If you go ahead and scratch their back, they will certainly look back and scratch yours as well.

You should not run out of memory nor should you run out of camera batteries.

This is probably one of the most unimaginably unforgivable mistakes out there. This is something that you can very well prepare or pack for so you should do your very best in making sure that this does not happen to you. A camera should have at least two spare camera batteries each and they should be fully charged the moment that you start to cover the wedding event. You should also make sure that you are able to pack for a minimum of 60 GB worth of memory space at least. The last thing you should like to happen would be for you to run out of either of the two in between shooting wedding events. You know deep down that your paying clients deserve something that is so much better than this.

Do not miss the important moment of having to photograph the bride with her family as well as of the groom with his family.

This is probably one of the most important moments ever and should be something that you absolutely should not miss out on. These are one of the most treasured moments in all weddings out there so make sure that you really list this down in the list of must-have shots that you are supposed to take during the wedding. Stick to the list and make sure that you follow through on it at all times.

Wedding Photography Must-Do’s

weddingsWedding photography is a difficult niche to get into

You have to work long and hard in order for you to be able to break out into the industry at some point. There are also a lot of challenges that along when you do not necessarily know what to do to begin with. This is something that is worth venturing into though because of the fact that the client base almost always never dries out.

Your only competition is fellow wedding photographers who are geographically adjacent to your area. Although it may not be easy to start straight away from scratch, you can always start within your social circle and the people you know such as family members and friends if you do not have your marketing game down pat just yet. You only need to work on your passion for photography and everything else should sort of roll on from there. If you have a passion for something and you badly want that to come into fruition, then nothing is impossible because you will always have something that your vision can follow through on.

Photograph the bride with family

Make sure that you do not miss a moment when it comes to photographing the bride with her family as well as the group with his family. These are the moments that are usually the most looked forward to by people from both parties. That is why you need to make sure that you really go out of your way to make sure that this happens. Family photos are treasured mementos. If this is something that you will get to miss out on, the bride or the groom might never forgive you for it and you will end up regretting this and getting blamed all once the photo shoot is done and over with at some point. Take note of this and you should be in a pretty good shape and this should get the ball rolling for you.

You do not have to try too hard for people to like you during the event

At this point in time, all that you really pretty much need to do is to just be yourself. When you try too hard during the wedding coverage, the guests attending and even the bride and groom might misconstrue you as someone who comes off a bit too fake and that can be a bit of an issue. After all, when it comes to things like these, perceptions really do matter. Although this may be something that can be a bit hard to understand or believe, people might actually like you just fine if you act like yourself. Just be friendly and polite and do not be afraid to walk up to people and talk to them. Be like this photographer reading.

People like light and friendly conversations and if you are honest enough and personable enough, they will not have any issues with you at all. Respect people and stay within your limits and do not go overboard with anything and you should come off just fine.

Why Wedding Photographers Should Shoot In RAW

wedding photographerWedding photographers in general have long preferred filming images in RAW than in JPEG. There are tons of reasons why behind it but we will bring you some of the most common advantages of shooting in RAW compared to JPEG or compared to any other kind of format available.

  1. You get the highest possible level of quality for your images.

The reason why most wedding photographers will go for shooting images in RAW format over any other kind of format out there is because of the fact that it records all of the information coming from the sensor of the camera. All the details are there and the images are untouched by the camera’s processing so wedding photographers have total control over how the photos turn out. This is a big factor especially if you are looking out for quality above everything else. Technically speaking, all cameras shoot in raw initially before some of them convert it to JPEG through compression and auto editing.

2. There are greater levels of brightness in your photos.

It is quite easy to get caught up in all of the jargon at times but the levels of brightness basically just refer to the number of steps you can take in an image from black to white. The more steps there are required, the smoother the transition turns out to be. And just to give you a more macro view of things, a JPEG image only has 256 levels of brightness whereas a RAW image has anywhere from 4,000+ to 16,000+ levels of brightness. That is an incredibly huge difference.

3. You will be able to easily fix or touch up your photos.

Wedding photographers London constantly have to struggle with the fact that things happen extremely fast during weddings. People move quite fast as well and that can mean over exposed or under exposed images and when it all comes down to it, neither of these two will have your images coming out looking great. The thing with filming your images in RAW is that they still have all of the original information from when they were initially captured because all the data came directly from the camera’s sensor and that means that you can easily fix up any flaws in the images without having to sacrifice the quality.

4. You are given the chance to be able to easily adjust the white balance.

What you may not notice is the fact that when you shoot in JPEG instead of RAW, the white balance is basically automatically applied to the image and you do not really have the option to choose otherwise. You also cannot just go back and get the original details from the images because you cannot. RAW images keep all of the information so you have the liberty to adjust the white balance in the images you capture. It lets you go about with the adjustments way faster and way more convenient compared to when you are shooting in JPEG or in any other format out there.

Wedding Photography Chops You Should Have Up Your Sleeve

wedding photography tipsAlways film your photos in RAW format

Serious wedding photography experts will go for nothing but the best and filming in RAW format is something that equates to the best there is out there. The thing with filming in RAW format is the fact that all of the information is still quite complete. The photo is left unchanged and not edited in any way shape or form. It is also way easier to fix photographs that are in RAW format because it has all of the elements of the images still intact. The only down side to this is the fact that it takes up way more memory than the other types of images out there and it also takes a while to load in the photo editing software mainly because of the sheer size of the images. Just remember this all the time and you should be in pretty good hands. The photo quality will be more than superb and your clients deserve nothing but the best.

Step back and review the background

You need to assess the background you are taking the photos in from a more macro point of view. Yu need to make sure that you go for backgrounds that are neat and organized. If you can, by all means, stay away from backgrounds that look unruly or just downright messy. You should also prefer something that has architectural lines or any sort of framing to enclose your photographic subjects in at some point. Look for nice arches, manicured lawns, and so on.

Do not check the photos every time you take them

When you are in the filming mood, try as much as possible to avoid having to check on the images that you take after every other click and start discarding the images you probably do not like at first sight. Wait it out until at least the post shoot process before you are able to start discarding any photos just yet. You will realize that some of the photos that do not strike you as interesting or good looking enough just yet might actually end up being the unique looking ones that stand out from the rest of the other photos out there.

Shoot in continuous mode

Try out your camera’s continuous mode setting when taking photos of people or things in motion. People are always moving around during the wedding. They are animatedly talking to each other, hugging each other, or walking around at some point. Setting up your camera to shoot in continuous mode will take out all of the interesting angles without having to tire yourself out of taking all the frames manually every single time.

Keep the inspirations going by all means

This is a little harder than you would initially think it is. There is so much work that goes into this that there are no words to express how hard it is to be inspired all the time. Go out of your way to drum up some inspiration. Read up on some photography blogs, check out some magazines, and take your camera out with you and practice every day.

5 Tips For Awesome Wedding Photography

wedding photographerGet your gear together and get everything set up right

You need to start off with all of the right kind of gear if you are ever going to have any kind of hopes of launching your wedding photography career professionally. You need to basically start off with two main cameras which you are to use interchangeably. Ideally, they should have two different kinds of lenses mounted so you can seamlessly switch in between cameras if you are looking for a different perspective. The third camera will save you for when something happens to the first two. Someone who is smart with wedding photography should always make sure that there will be something to cover the liabilities by all means.

Arm yourself with the most fundamental of lenses

You basically need to start off with two. There are two options for you to go with here. In theory, you need a telephoto lens and a wide angle lens. However, if you are seriously just starting out and you do not necessarily have the finances to splurge in two of these expensive lenses, then you can temporarily go with a medium zoom lens that will let you do a little bit of what the telephoto lens and wide angle lens are able to do. The telephoto lens lets you zoom in and take close ups without being in the way and without being obtrusive in any way whatsoever because he can take it from a pretty safe distance. A wide angle lens lets you take group photos with a lot of people in it without having to worry if they will all fit in your view angle.

Learn how to network properly

Tap into the social circle of wedding professionals you are able to work on wedding events that you have mutually covered. Networking is one of the most important ways of drumming up some business in the world of wedding photography. Make it a constant practice to introduce yourself and your business to people and in giving them firm handshakes. It also helps if you produce great looking business cards that you can give out to wedding planners, caterers, and florists during the wedding effects that you are covering.

Work on your blog and portfolio

Make sure that they are able to represent you in the best way possible. Your blog should be something that is constantly streamed with high quality content and with tidbits of inspiration. This will give people something to look forward to every time and again and something that can really establish your online presence at some point. You also need to work on your portfolio. This is the photographer’s version for his resume. You should put in the best projects that you have worked on here. This is aimed to impress people.

Work fast and efficiently

Do away with any kind of fickle mindedness. Spending too much time scrutinizing the photos that you took and choosing which ones to go with may end up eating up way more time than you think. Be wise with the way you spend your time and be quick with your decisions. Your first gut feelings about an image are almost always usually right.

Wedding Photography Mistakes You Will Most Likely Make

wedding photography mistakesRAW vs JPEG

Filming in JPEG and not in RAW is one of the common mistakes you should avoid as a wedding photography professional. JPEG is notorious for compressing the images that you take. This usually results to grainy and washed out photos that can at times be bad in quality. If you want to preserve all of the information taken during the actual filming, RAW format is the way to go. Sure, it takes up a way lot more memory space than JPEG does but when you think about it, it delivers crisper and more professional looking photos. It just comes with the territory and the memory space snafu really is a small price to pay for all that quality.

One Camera

Investing in only one camera is also a big no-no. Amateurs usually think that having one high end camera is good enough to make a wedding photography business out of it but that really isn’t the case. In actual wedding event coverage, you need to have all of your ducks in a row and need to have your backup gear in place just so that you are prepared in case something happens. You absolutely cannot give up mid event just because your main camera gave up on you. This can mean an end to a wedding photography career that has barely started just yet and something that you should be able to avoid at all costs.

No Experience

Booking a wedding without any kind of prior experience is another mistake. Experience is a pre-requisite when it comes to wedding photography jobs. Even your clients will ask about it before booking you. If in the off chance, you manage to have someone who wants to hire you still despite the fact that you don’t have any experience, do the right thing and turn the offer down. Get busy and start gaining some experience by covering weddings of friends and family members or even partnering with a more experienced wedding photographer and learn the ropes the hard way. Experience is the best teacher and with good reason. It gives you real world wisdom that cannot really be gained anywhere else.

Not Scouting Venue

Not scouting venues in advance is another blunder newbies usually make. You can’t just show up at an event without knowing the landscape ahead of time. This will lead you scrambling and disoriented and that’s not a good look for any wedding photography professional. Invest time and effort in checking out the venue and do your practice shots before the event itself and you will save yourself the trouble of having people wait on you while you figure out where the best spots would be for the photos.

Filming people despite the fact that they look uncomfortable should not be practiced. People don’t look good when they feel uncomfortable. Talk to them and make them feel at ease before proceeding to take their photos.

Not Networking

Forgetting to network during the actual wedding day event is also another common slip. Weddings are the perfect venues for you to network and grow your business. Talk to people and get your next prospective client!