What Should You Take Pictures of in a Wedding?

wedding photographer DundeeWell, isn’t it true that a wedding photographer Dundee can get confused for a moment when asked this question? You sit for a while to think of what pictures to take and there seem to be too many, making it seem impossible to do on your own. Others may have clients reminding them that they missed a couple of things in the wedding pictures.

It had probably brought you to think if you need to set up a list on your own and if there is a template to follow. Don’t be disappointed to know that we don’t have that kind of template. Because we know the way to make sure your next client won’t complain about it anymore.

Know what will happen

As a wedding photographer, you have all the rights to know what will happen on that day as you need to prepared to capture everything that will happen. Because of that, you need to be able to get your hand on the itinerary of the day as soon as possible. You need time to think about where you should go and what kind of pictures you should take instead of being impromptu all the time.

Not every wedding photographer is capable of being quick in taking pictures. That’s why being prepared will give you the upper hand as you know what will happen and what to do.

Be early

Arriving early will give you a lot of advantages. First of all, you get to take pictures of the ceremony location with no guest in sight. The picture of the place prepared for the occasion will always be one that every couple love. You will also be able to take pictures of the couple when they are preparing!

A wedding photographer Dundee from www.angusforbesphotography.com mentions that this is one of the most favorite parts of couples. You also get to take first-look pictures before the ceremony because everything is more set and the photographer has the better position to do it. Do consult with your clients about this as some are pretty adamant about keeping the first-look exclusive for the ceremony.

Being early will also let you take some pictures with the couple first to save time for the evening session. There will be pictures reserved for that time alone and it’ll also give you enough time to take more pictures.

Family and close friends

Never forget the fact that the second most important thing in a wedding album is the family members of the couples. The fewer pictures you get of these people, the less satisfied these people will be. But we are not telling you to spam the pictures like taking 5 same shots of the same scene. We are telling you to pay extra attention to these people throughout the day.

A father is always both happy and sad when he has to let go of his daughter’s hand and a mother is always proud to see his son to have grown up so big. It’s actually the thing that most clients complain about! The same thing should be applied to close friends of the couples and you can confirm it as their wedding photographer Dundee before the party starts.